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Saturday 11 February 2012

DAY 42--Free Velvet Jacket

All right then.  You obviously like the whole clothes parcel/clothes swap idea.  So who'd like a free black long-line velvet jacket, then?  It's Dorothy Perkins, size 12, but would fit size 14 I reckon.  I bought it in a charity shop, and then a year later I mistakenly bought a near identical one in another charity shop.  I don't know about your lifestyle, but mine doesn't require me to have two velvet jackets, one to wear and one at the drycleaner's.

Here it is:

If you are a bit of a female dandy, this is the jacket for you.  It works well with jeans and boots.  (Sorry: it does not work well on a short-arse, this is a tall gal's garment)  If you'd like it, then let me know, either by leaving a comment below, or by tweeting me, and I'll post it to you.  There is one condition: you must agree to pass on one garment of your own, and tell me about it.  I know they say you shouldn't give gifts with strings attached, but this is patently nonsense.  Guitars, kites, helium balloons and yo-yos should all be given with strings attached, so I make no apology.

I have a pretty extensive collection of jackets that work well in the evening and make jeans look dressy.  Besides the black velvet one I have a black pinstriped velvet one, a teal shot satin one, a black satin jacquard one, a silvery jacquard one (which gives me a faint qualm I look like Cherie Blair in it), a tuxedo style one and finally, an ivory silk tweed one.   I also have several other jackets that are more casual.  Yes, I have too many jackets.  I have too many clothes.  I do not need to buy any new clothes.   I do not need to buy new clothes.  

Tonight I'm going to a concert in the cathedral and I shall wear the teal jacket.  It's the exact colour and sheen of a mallard drake's head.  Gorgeous.  I'll wear it with black everything.  All I shall do is remove the large jumper I'm wearing at the moment and shrug on my jacket.  Ready in a moment.  This is the brilliant thing about dressy jackets.  I commend them to you.

So get in touch if there's a velvet jacket-shaped hole in your life.  And pick out something of your own to pass on.  Ooh!  This could turn into one of those chain letter things. Within weeks you will receive 200 garments from all over the world! NOBODY HAS BROKEN THE CHAIN YET! 


  1. Oh, would that I were that size...

  2. I wonder if there is a way of extending this concept to an online swap shop. I think we all have plenty of clothes we'd like to swap with people.

  3. Twitter might be a good medium for clothes-swapping.