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This is a window into the weird world of Anglicanism, as experienced on a Cathedral Close. Has anything much happened since Trollope's Barchester Chronicles? You will still see the 'canon in residence' hurrying across to choral Evensong, robes flapping, as the late bell chimes. But look carefully and you will notice he is checking the football score on his iPhone as he runs. This is also a writer's blog. It charts the agony and ecstasy of the novelist's life. And it's a fighter's blog. It charts the agony and ecstasy of the judo mat. Well, the agony, anyway.

Sunday 23 November 2014


Only two more chapters to go after this, and the big themes of the book have come into focus for me.  Judgment and mercy.  Come to think of it, those are probably my only themes.  This is the stretch of theological wall I seem to need to bang my head against.  Sometimes I think that writers don't really get to choose.  I also reflect upon wash day and housework in this chapter, however.  Enjoy! http://unseenthingsabove.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/chapter-29.html

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Advent Approaches

Advent is at the end of this month, which means that I now have only 5 weeks left to tie up the loose ends.  Or at any rate, to poke them through to the back of the tapestry, and hope nobody looks too closely.  Here's the latest instalment, in which I'm sure the reader will discern the blogging equivalent of Jane Austen's 'tell-tale compression of the pages' that signifies we are all 'hastening together to perfect felicity':   http://unseenthingsabove.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/chapter-26.html