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Sunday 30 December 2012

Fast Away the Old Year Passes

Well, that's almost an entire year of buying myself no clothes or accessories.  What do you reckon? Will I go out at the crack of dawn on Tuesday to hit the Sales in an orgy of acquisitiveness?  No, actually.  I've sort of gone off the whole buying clothes thing.

And what have a learnt during the year?  I know--I'm going to do bullet points!  I know how to do bullet points.  One day I will know how to do spreadsheets and powerpoint.  But today I will rest content in the modest acheivement of bullet points. 

I have learnt that buying new clothes does not
  • fill the emptiness
  • make you clever and successful
  • change your life
  • make you thin
I have learnt that old clothes can be
  • worn ingeniously
  • mended
  • put up with
  • discovered in the back of the wardrobe when you move house
You can acquire new clothes without buying them by
  • borrowing them
  • being given them
  • nicking them off clothes lines
Here's a list of new clothes I have been given this year:
  • fabulous silk linen coat with big splashy floral pattern 
  • red long-sleeved T-shirt
  • pastel pink jeans
  • tiger print top
  • amazing long purple velvet coat
  • pair of sandals
  • two necklaces
  • pair of grey tights with stars on
  • cream scarf
Blimey.  That's actually quite a long list.  There are people in this world who don't get half that.  And yet compared with what I would have bought, but for my New Year's Resolution, that list is footling.  

Here's a list of things I bought for myself:
  • pair of £1 sunglasses
The main thing I've gained in the course of this experiment is an ambition to have nothing in my wardrobe but what (to paraphrase William Morris) I know to fit me, and believe to make me look fabulous.  This may lead me to spending more on less, I fear.  But overall, to spending and owning less.  That way I hope to avoid the anguish of standing in front of a mirror wondering if this outfit makes me look fat/muttony/weird.  And of being a mindless buying machine.

The other thing I've learnt is that, frankly, nobody but me much cares what I look like.  A dazzling smile is the best accessory.  It pulls any outfit together.  And with that uncharacteristically pious thought, I will bid you adieu for the year.  Next year I will be blogging an entire novel a week at a time.  Hold onto your birettas.

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