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This is a window into the weird world of Anglicanism, as experienced on a Cathedral Close. Has anything much happened since Trollope's Barchester Chronicles? You will still see the 'canon in residence' hurrying across to choral Evensong, robes flapping, as the late bell chimes. But look carefully and you will notice he is checking the football score on his iPhone as he runs. This is also a writer's blog. It charts the agony and ecstasy of the novelist's life. And it's a fighter's blog. It charts the agony and ecstasy of the judo mat. Well, the agony, anyway.

Sunday 24 June 2012

Print Trousers

Prints are big at the moment.  I have very few print garments in my wardrobe.  In fact, I secretly despise this trend, especially all these daft tropical skirts and parrot shirts.  I've been rather relieved to have the excuse to opt out of this particular fashion.  

That said, I've developed a certain hankering for tribal print trousers.  They look slouchy and comfortable, and like judo trousers, everyone's bum looks big in them.  Oh well.  Resist the devil and he will flee before you, as the Good Book says.  The hankering will pass, I told myself.  After all, whole days go past now without my even thinking about those ankle boots in my size I didn't buy from the charity shop back in January, those perfect ankle boots, in my size, from Clark's for £7, black with buckle detailing.  Hardly ever think about those.

It wouldn't be quite so bad if I hadn't once possessed exactly such a pair of print trousers until the fatal thought occurred to me I will never wear those again, and I slung them.  To be strictly honest, they weren't my trousers.  They belonged to the chancellor.  They were an emergency purchase 9 years ago in Bangkok when they wouldn't let him into some temple or other in his shorts.  How our sons and I laughed at him in his baggy tribal print trousers!  He has never worn them since.

But then, lo!  A miracle!  I hadn't slung them after all.  They were wedged at the back of the clapped-out sports gear drawer.  So I ironed them and wore them to church today.  Here they are, teamed with my 4 year old silver gladiator sandals: 

I also wore a navy blue vest, a dark denim shirt (Wrangler, via a charity shop), far too many tribal necklaces, and a completely non-matching chartreuse pashmina.  I probably should have teamed it with a floral shirt, but I'm pleased to say I don't own one.  Come to think of it, the chancellor has some.  Maybe another time.


  1. Hi Catherine, I
    This comment is not strictly relevant to this blog posting. It's just that I've been wanting to tell you for years how much your books have meant to me, especially Angels and Men. They continue to feed my soul. So, thank you. I hope there are more books hiding within you, waiting to emerge in time to come. I'll keep checking. Love, Sharon Chahil (Malaysian Anglican)

  2. Thank you! I'm still writing, just not having much joy finding publishers at the moment. But we can keep hoping.

  3. I really like wearing printed trousers. I think that I would look more beautiful on printed trousers. I think that flower printed trousers looks great on me.

  4. Hi Catherine: I, too, am a long time fan of your books (my favourite is Scenes from Vicarage Life which I have, at various times, bought for all my Anglican friends - so, you should know that a lot of people in NZ are reading your books (we hope you will come and visit NZ again some time!). I've just stumbled over your blog - and am delighted to find more of your writing. I wanted to send you a link to my blog too, but can't find a way to email you. Would it be OK to post the url in a comment (don't want to muscle in on someone else's blog, but I thought it might interest you...).